I find it so hilarious how Ramin Karimloo was almost turned down for the role of the Phantom because they were worried he would be too attractive.

Because that observation is completely correct.

He is one sexy Phantom.

(via ramin-karimloo)

It was the third weekend in May and we were lying on the trampoline at 330 am and you said: “Guys, out of everything that’s happened in your life, what one thing do you immediately think of? Like one of the best moments you’ve had?” At that time I said I didn’t know because I really had no idea, but now, if anyone asks me that same question, I’ll say that it was that night. I’ll say that night because we were just looking up at the sky talking about life and we were lying next to each other…I was so close to you and you were so close to me and I was so in love with you. I am still so in love with you. That moment will always be something I remember.



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